Make your product reviews go LIVE

Enable store visitors to chat with your customers about their product reviews in real-time. Deliver live product reviews to convert more sales.
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Deliver the best review for every visitor

Visitors choose the best reviewer for them to answer their product questions live.  
  • 1 click away, your customers get push notifications¬† for each visitor message
  • All conversations saved to check and audit
  • Promote top performers to the top of the list.

Reward your customers

 A customizable recruitment page to embed on your site or share with your customers.
  • Track signups by source
  • Share URLs or embed on website
  • 3 ways to incentivize sign-up – pay per chat, discounts and commission

Community learning

Your community of customers learns about your products together with a live chatroom 
  • Private and Group Chat
  • send real-time updates from portal

Go live in 3 minutes

No code setup for Shopify stores.
  • Auto import and sync all products from Shopify
  • All orders appear in Shopify
  • Plug and Play Shopify app


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