Create a direct relationship with people looking to connect to your brand

The closer you are to your community, the smarter you can be in growing your brand.

Learn from your community members what products they are most interested in.

With Pollen’s create features, you have full control over your brand experience while growing a loyal community of ambassadors and fans.

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Educate your community about your brand

Take control of your communities. Determine the countries your brand ships to, and create localized content for each country. Explain unique benefits about your brand to community members.

Sell Globally

List as many countries as you’d like. Create content in different languages for each country.

Custom Shipping and Returns Policies

Set your existing shipping and return information for your brand. All options will be available for every one of the brands products.

Community Targetting

List your brand across all of your communities, or limit the brand to those of your choice.


You obsess over your brand.

Empower your followers, customers and fans to share in your obsession by creating a community designed for them by you.

Deliver the ultimate customer-centric brand-building experience with the tools to customize your brands’ identity for your fans to easily discover and engage with. Control the community experience, making sure that your brand messaging, images and copy are consistent.

Mobile App

Your community is automatically added to the Pollen App, allowing your community members to access your community on the go and also be discovered on the Pollen Network

Localized and Global Communities

Create localized communities for each country so you can customize the language and types of content to share.

100% control over branding

Give your community confidence that you are the brand owner with your official logo, colors, copy and background.

Creator Status

Assign one of your staff or agency to manage the community as the official admin.


Add products from your online store or other sources effortlessly with no integration

Choose the exact products to add to your community for each of your brands. Don’t worry about having to learn a new system, just use our importer and instantly add your products with all of their information from Shopify or other sources. Manually add products as needed, and choose from your available shipping and return methods.

Import from your Shopify store

Simply enter in the name of your Shopify store and we do the rest! Choose to import all or only some of your products.

Product Level Commission

Set the Sales Price and commission for your community sellers to earn when they sell this product on their Pollen Stores.

Multi Currency and Cross Border

Set specific pricing for different countries you ship to, and enable multiple shipping options for different countries.


100% control over what products your community can sell

With the catalog, determine which products appear in our landing pages as well as in the Pollen App to your community members to sell. Gain insights over which products from the catalog are most popular, and start a discussion around each of your brands’ products. Combine multiple brands inside of a catalog or limit to a single brand or even a single product.

Featured Products

Choose which products to feature in your community to drive more attention to them in your community.

Seller Notes

Set product specific advice and tips only visible to your community members.

Product On/Off switch

Edit product info on the fly and show or hide products at any time.