Engage your community to become your sales team

Leading brands know the power of word of mouth and indirect advocacy. By using Pollen’s Engage Features, you can turn every one of your community members into an advocate, seller or customer support champion.

Each member in your community gains access to your Community Catalog, where they can select and curate the products most relevant for them and their friends and create their Pollen Store.

Give back to your community by rewarding sales with a per sale commission on every product.

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Empower your community to create and share compelling content on their Pollen Stores

Every member of your community can create custom Pollen Stores with your products. For every store, your member can share online with a unique link to friends on any chat app or social media platform or email. They can also share offline with QR codes.

Mobile & Desktop Friendly Stores

Every Pollen Store is designed for mobile and desktop internet browsers. Customer does not require the mobile app.

Real Time Customer Chat

Your community members can communicate directly with their customers in their store, saving you support resources.

Multi Currency and Cross Border

Customers shop at Pollen Stores in their local language and currency using your product settings.

Stripe, Paypal & Local Processing

Pollen uses leading global payment gateways for payments and constantly adding local payment preference.


Hassle-free global settlement and commission payments managed automatically by Pollen

Brands are becoming more and more global thanks to improvements in cross border payments and logistics. Most likely you have fans and followers in markets you haven’t fully explored. Now with Pollen, we can help you reward those people in your global community and you can control exactly how much margin you make, meaning you don’t need to set aside any new advertising or marketing budget.

Free Seller Commission Payouts

We don’t charge brands any fees for paying community members commission.

Same Day Settlement

Get paid in real-time using Paypal or setup your bank account for pre-scheduled batch payments.

Multi Currencies

You and your community members can be paid in hundreds of supported currencies on Paypal.

Member Earning Tracking

Gain reports on how much each of your members have earned from selling your brand’s products.


Get real-time orders and use your existing shipping provider and returns policy

Track all of your orders and get paid instantly with our real-time settlement, or at pre-arranged batch processing. See a report of all previous orders, and update status directly on Pollen for processing.

Order History

Get a complete view of all your orders from pending to completed. Easily find and troubleshoot any orders.

Order Tracking

Use any shipping provider and enter your tracking code on our order page. We automatically alert seller and customer on the status of the order.

Return Policy

Create global policies for your brand and apply rules to each product for refunds and returns.

Pass-through Shipping Fee

You set the shipping zones and fees, we collect from customer and pay you the full amount.


Collect valuable insights into what your community sells, what they are interested in and where they signed up from

Understand your customers’ tastes and preferences as you obtain learnings from your community members backed by data from their Pollen Stores.

Instead of having to hire a huge team to do customer-centric research and analysis, let your community do the work for you as you’re able to obtain insights on individual sellers performance and product-level sales history.

Member Sales Tracking

Find out which of your members are performing well, and help learn why they are having success to improve your overall brand strategy and messaging. Obtain data points on product adds to store showing intent, as well as product sales and customer chats.

Community Promotions

Compare the online and offline promotions of your community homepage, as well as data on the overall value in terms of sales from each online channel. Find out on average how valuable each of your social media or chat app followers are worth and use this data to adjust your ongoing advertising campaigns.

Product Learning

Find out which members have been most active in terms of customer questions and feedback, and filter out members for those who have shared the most content about your brand in their stores.

Realtime Sales Dashboard (coming soon)

See your total sales performance per community or per brand. Gain insights into seasonal cycles in different region to further enhance your business