Promote your community and become friends with people that want to connect with your brand

The closer you are to your community, the smarter you can be in growing your brand.

Learn from your community members what products they are most interested in.

With Pollen’s promote features you get an overview of your followers and understand which channels you promote your brand on are most valuable.

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Get a customizable landing page to promote your community

Control the brand experience and copy for your community. Product previews will automatically appear, and content can be localized for different countries. Share the community online and offline with QR codes, and track by source the signups and conversion rates to optimize your promotion. Change products and content at any time.

Landing Page

Every brand community gets its own URL. If you have different language community.

Product Previews

Automatically show products that members can sell and earn to increase signups.

Share Anywhere

Easily share on popular social & chat platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter or just use the URL and share anywhere.


Give every one of your community members the attention they deserve

Find out where your members signed up from and find out more about their behavior. Message members directly or as a group. If you have multiple communities, track members across communities.

Member Status

Find out instantly which of your members are active sellers.

Community Signup Attribution

Find out which of your marketing channels drives the most signups.

Community Tracker

Let your members join multiple communities, and track their performance.


Real-time conversations lead to more sales

Join the discussion with your chat room and learn what people are talking about your brand.

Your community expects real-time communications. Now you can engage them on the Pollen App directly using your Community Chat Room, anytime and anywhere 24/7.

If your members have questions from their customers, give them the support they need to close the sales. Want to find out more why your products are selling well (or not), contact real people and use their feedback to improve your brand.

Content sharing

Share links, images and more.

Member Moderation (coming soon)

Protect your brand values and identity by silencing or removing offenders. Reward helpful members with moderator roles.

Community Driven Chat

Every one of your communities has its own dedicated chat room.

Web and Mobile Access

Lead discussion from the online web portal, while members can respond using the Pollen App.


Your brand lives in the real world

Promote at your events, retail partners and any other physical space alongside all of your online channels to grow your community.

Every time your brand is featured in print, include your communities QR code to drive more signups and reach new types of audiences.

Create unique posters and flyers for events and retail partners to extend your reach and complement your online channels. Members who scan your community QR code are automatically taken to the Pollen App to join your community.

QR Code Generator

A unique QR code is created for each of your communities to sign-up members offline. Track signups from each QR code.

Include on Invoices, Packing Slips and Packaging

Include your community QR CODE in all of your customer facing printed materials so you can capture more community members even from third party marketplaces and retail channels.