Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pollen?

Pollen is a sustainable liquidation company offering services to brands looking to liquidate slow-moving, excess, and obsolete inventory through the Pollen marketplace, which reaches thousands of buyers worldwide.

Does Pollen accept all types of inventory or products?

Pollen accepts all inventory except tobacco and tobacco-related items, alcohol, medicine, and any other items the team deems unsuitable for sale through our marketplace.

Does Pollen accept products from all countries?

Pollen reserves the right to refuse inventory from conflict or sanctioned locations.

Does Pollen facilitate recycling and/or donations?

Yes, Pollen works with partners around the world to enable recycling or donation of excess inventory. To learn more, contact our Customer Success team via

Can I restrict the types of buyers and/or locations I want to allow to purchase my listings?

Yes, Pollen allows brands to set geographical or buyer-type restrictions on inventory via our Liquidation Management System (LMS).

Does Pollen offer dispute resolution services?

Pollen’s Customer Success team offers dispute resolution services for Enterprise level clients. To learn more, contact

Can I stop listing on Pollen whenever I want?

Yes, simply log in to your LMS account and cancel your listing.

How will Pollen know if my inventory in listing is accurate?

Pollen relies on brands to furnish updated and accurate manifests and information.

Will Pollen verify the condition and quantity of all my items before listing?

Pollen relies on brands to provide accurate listing information.

What happens if a buyer’s offer is accepted but the buyer changes their mind?

Buyers on Pollen’s marketplace are vetted by our Customer Success team prior to them making an offer. In the rare case of a buyer changing their mind after an offer is accepted, Pollen’s Customer Success team will work closely with the buyer to understand why such a decision was made, and if necessary work with the brand to identify alternative buyers.

Why does Pollen call its work “sustainable liquidation”?

Allowing brands to liquidate inventory to buyers who will ultimately sell or deliver these items to end-consumers means that excess inventory does not end up in landfills but in the hands of individuals who will put them to use. In this way, Pollen works with our ecosystem of brands and buyers to reduce landfill, while providing consumers with access to needed goods.

Where is Pollen incorporated?

Pollen is incorporated in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Where are Pollen’s team members located?

Pollen’s diverse team is located throughout Asia.

If I’m based in a country where Pollen does not have an office, can I still liquidate inventory through Pollen?

Yes, Pollen leverages the power of technology to enable sustainable liquidation anywhere in the world.

How does Pollen work?

  • Pollen’s Liquidation Management System (LMS) enables brands to list inventory for liquidation, view offers, and accept offers quickly and easily.
  • Lots for liquidation will appear on Pollen’s marketplace – whether under the general product categories, or on a brand’s own storefront. These lots will be visible to buyers who will then be able to make offers for listings.

Is Pollen available in multiple languages?

At present, Pollen is only available in English. Our engineering team is currently working on multiple language options for the LMS.

Can I list on Pollen as well as other platforms, or am I bound by an exclusivity contract?

Pollen offers brands additional sales channels for excess inventory, and we do not restrict brands from listing inventory on other platforms.

Does Pollen hide the SKUs of my products?

Pollen currently enables brands to hide SKUs for free while our LMS is in beta-testing mode, after which SKU-concealment will be part of a paid brand account starting from USD49 a month. For more information, please visit our Pricing page.

Does Pollen hide the SKUs of my products?

Pollen currently enables brands to hide SKUs for free while our LMS is in beta-testing mode, after which SKU-concealment will be part of a paid brand account starting from USD49 a month. For more information, please visit our Pricing page.

Are the buyers on Pollen’s marketplace legit and trustworthy?

Pollen’s Customer Success team vets all buyers before they can proceed to make an offer on our marketplace.

What if a buyer violates the terms of sale I imposed (e.g. selling the items in locations I blacklisted, misrepresenting themselves as a member of my company etc)?

In the rare case of a buyer violating terms of sale, Pollen’s Customer Success team will work closely with brand and buyer to resolve the issue.

Will I earn carbon credits from liquidating through Pollen?

Pollen does not offer carbon credits.

Liquidation Management System (LMS)

Do I need to install the LMS on my server or computers?

Our LMS is entirely cloud-based, with no installation required.

Do I need to integrate the LMS to my other systems e.g. ERP, warehousing?

LMS integration to existing systems is a function available for Enterprise clients, and will come with Pollen engineering assistance.

Is my data safe and secure?

Pollen adheres to world-class privacy and security protocols, in order to ensure customer data is secure from any malicious attempts to gain unapproved access.

Does the LMS have an approval / authorization / review process flow to prevent errors or malicious actions?

Yes, Pollen’s LMS contains multiple levels of authorization and processes in our Advanced and Enterprise packages.

Does Pollen need to verify my company credentials and products before I can start listing?

Yes, we will conduct a check on company documents prior to you listing inventory on our marketplace.

Does Pollen guarantee sale of my listings if I use your LMS?

While Pollen does not guarantee sale of listings, our marketplace is visited by thousands of buyers from around the world. Many of our customers have found success by listing excess inventory with Pollen.

Do I need to integrate with logistics and payments providers?

Logistics and payment integrations are handled by Pollen on the LMS back-end.

Will the LMS slow my systems down?

Our LMS is a cloud-based system, which will not impact brands’ servers or systems.

What happens if I forget my password?

  • Please click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the LMS login screen, or contact Customer Success for assistance.
  • Please expect an identity verification process to for security purposes.

What if I or my employee am leaving the company - can login credentials be transferred to another employee?

Yes, credentials can be transferred among your internal team. For security purposes, we suggest changing the password upon successful transfer or handover.

Is there support available for LMS use, and if so how accessible is it?

  • All LMS users will have access to Pollen’s extensive knowledge hub – which is a repository of guides and instructions for LMS use.
  • Additionally, for brands on Pollen’s Advanced LMS package, a dedicated Customer Success representative will be assigned.

I don’t have images of my items - can Pollen find these pictures for me, or can I just use Google images?

Pollen relies on brands to provide accurate images of all products being listed for liquidation.


Do I have to pay Pollen to list my products?

Pollen offers a free one-time listing, and currently offers a free multi-listing package while our LMS is in beta. For more information, please visit

How much does Pollen charge for listing and sale of products?

  1. One-time liquidation: listing is free
  2. Free (beta) multiple liquidation: both the account and listings are free.
  3. Advanced package: Pollen charges USD499 a month for all services offered at this tier. 
  4. For more information on features and benefits of each tier, please visit our Pricing page.

How do I cancel or terminate my subscription to Pollen?

Please contact Customer Success at

If I paid for subscription a year in advance, but cancel midway, do I get a refund?

Pollen’s Finance team will extend credits to your company.

If I don’t want to use Pollen’s payment platform, can I choose to receive funds via bank transfer or any other means I choose?

While not encouraged, we are open to brands choosing to utilize preferred payment platforms. Please alert our Customer Success team prior to listing if you wish to use an alternative channel.

What exchange rate does Pollen use for payments (subscription to LMS, payments from buyers)?

Pollen utilizes exchange rates imposed by payment platforms, which vary depending on transaction and country.

What payment platform does Pollen use, what is the fee, and how safe is it?

  • Pollen uses Xendit, Stripe, and Wise – all of which are international brands with world-class security and processes.
  • Where transaction fees are imposed by platforms, these charges will be billed to brands or buyers on a cost-plus basis.

How long does it take for me to receive my money?

Fund transfers are subject to platform restrictions, and can vary from 24 hours to several days (for bank transfers).

Can I get a refund if I don’t manage to sell any items via Pollen’s marketplace?

While Pollen does not guarantee sale of listings, our marketplace is visited by thousands of buyers from around the world. Many of our customers have found success by listing excess inventory with Pollen. As such, we reserve the right to refuse any requests for refunds on LMS subscription.


Do I have to handle logistics of products or will Pollen take care of it?

  • Brands will not be required to manage shipping or logistics on inventory sold via our marketplace.
  • Pollen allows buyers to designate their preferred logistics partner, or select from Pollen’s own list of logistics partners.

What happens if items are damaged or missing while in transit?

Items in transit are the responsibility of the logistics provider. On the rare chance such a situation occurs, Pollen’s Customer Success team will assist buyers with resolving the issue.

Who will coordinate with my team about shipping - is it a member of Pollen, the buyer, or the logistics company themselves?

Pollen’s Customer Success team will coordinate with you on logistics.

Do I have to pay for the shipping of products to buyers?

All shipping and logistics costs will be borne by buyers.

Does Pollen have logistics partners who can also help me with shipping other items?

Pollen is happy to connect you with our extensive network of first mile, last mile, air freight, and sea freight partners worldwide.

Can I designate my preferred shipping provider?

You may suggest your preferred provider to Pollen’s Customer Success team, though the terms of sale on our marketplace allow buyers to reserve the right to select their own shipping provider.

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