Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pollen?

Pollen is a sustainable liquidation company offering services to brands looking to liquidate slow-moving, excess, and obsolete inventory through the Pollen marketplace, which reaches thousands of buyers worldwide.

How does Pollen work?

  1. For brands looking to liquidate excess inventory: Pollen offers a liquidation management system that’s directly linked to the Pollen marketplace, providing an alternate sales channel for these brands to quickly and easily sell goods in bulk.
  2. For brands looking to purchase excess inventory: Pollen’s marketplace hosts thousands of listings across product categories, allowing buyers to quickly search and filter through brands, conditions, and locations, and make offers directly to the global brands that own these liquidated stock.

Does Pollen hold the inventory, or is it held by the brands themselves?

Pollen does not hold any inventory. All lots are shipped direct from sellers’ warehouses, usually in the same country the products are produced.

Does Pollen allow me to purchase for the purposes of recycling and/or donations?

Yes, Pollen works with partners around the world to enable recycling or donation of excess inventory. To learn more, contact our Customer Success team via

Does Pollen offer dispute resolution services?

Pollen’s Customer Success team offers dispute resolution services for Enterprise level sellers on our Liquidation Management System.

How do I unlock the product SKUs?

To reveal product SKUs, download manifests, and more, please sign up for your free Pollen Pass account on

How will Pollen know if a seller’s listing is accurate, both at point of listing and up to point of sale?

Pollen relies on sellers to provide accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

Does Pollen verify the condition and quantity of all the items before allowing a seller to list?

Listings with the ‘Pollen Verified’ sticker or label contain products that have been sighted by Pollen and/or its contractors.

Are the pictures on the marketplace actual images of products being sold?

Pollen relies on sellers to provide images of products being sold, except in the case where the brand has contracted Pollen for photography assistance. In such cases, images will be marked with a ‘Pollen Verified’ label to indicate these are the actual items for sale that have been sighted by Pollen’s team.

Does Pollen vet sellers before allowing them to list?

Pollen conducts due diligence on all entities it works with. Rest assured that sellers on our marketplace have each been extensively vetted by Pollen’s team and its contractors as necessary.

Are the sellers on Pollen’s marketplace legit and trustworthy?

Pollen’s team extensively vets all companies looking to liquidate via our marketplace, and we prohibit sales of items that violate our code of ethics. If you believe a brand has behaved improperly on our marketplace, please notify Customer Success immediately via

Does Pollen need to approve my by vetting my company and employees before I can join as a Pollen Pass or Pollen Pro member? If so, how long does the verification process take?

  1. Pollen’s Customer Success team will vet all applications for Pollen Pass and Pollen Pro.
  2. In the case of Pollen Pass, companies can expect to be able to immediately enjoy the benefits of signing up. Should any errors or issue occur in the registration process, a member of Customer Success will be in touch for next steps.

Where is Pollen incorporated?

Pollen is incorporated in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Where are Pollen’s team members located?

Pollen’s diverse team is located throughout Asia.

If I’m based in a country where Pollen does not have an office, can I still purchase inventory through Pollen?

Yes, Pollen leverages the power of technology to enable sustainable liquidation anywhere in the world.

Does Pollen sell all types of inventory or products?

Pollen accepts all inventory except tobacco and tobacco-related items, alcohol, medicine, and any other items the team deems unsuitable for sale through our marketplace.

Does Pollen sell products from all countries?

Pollen reserves the right to refuse inventory from conflict or sanctioned locations.

Does Pollen accept buyers from all countries, or are some countries sanctioned?

Pollen reserves the right to refuse transactions with individuals and/or entities from conflict or sanctioned locations.

Is Pollen available in multiple languages?

At present, Pollen is only available in English. Our engineering team is currently working on multiple language options for our Liquidation Management System (LMS).

I already work with the brand(s) Pollen has on its marketplace. Why should I purchase through Pollen instead?

Through Pollen’s exclusive relationship with the brands on our marketplace, as well as our cloud-based Liquidation Management System, we can provide a degree or customization or flexibility to buyers. To learn more, please contact

What happens if a seller accepts my offer then changes their mind?

In the extremely rare case of a seller changing their mind after accepting an offer, Pollen will work closely with the seller to understand the reasons for such an abrupt change of heart. If we are unable to persuade the seller to proceed with the original sale, we will work with you to secure an identical or similar batch of items within the original timeframe expected for delivery.

What if a seller makes unreasonable demands of me after the transaction is completed?

We take pride in working with great companies and the individuals representing them. Should you believe one of the brands working with us has behaved unethically, please alert our Customer Success team immediately at

Why does Pollen call its work “sustainable liquidation”?

Allowing brands to liquidate inventory to buyers who will ultimately sell or deliver these items to end-consumers means that excess inventory does not end up in landfills but in the hands of individuals who will put them to use. In this way, Pollen works with our ecosystem of brands and buyers to reduce landfill, while providing consumers with access to needed goods.

Will I earn carbon credits from purchasing through Pollen?

Pollen does not issue carbon credits.

I’m having trouble logging in to my account.

  1. In the case of forgotten login credentials, please click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button.
  2. For other issues, please contact Customer Success at

Is my data safe and secure?

Pollen adheres to world-class privacy and security protocols, in order to ensure customer data is secure from any malicious attempts to gain unapproved access.

Offers & Returns

How do I make an offer?

  1. To submit an offer direct to one of the international brands on our marketplace, click on the ‘Make Offer’ button on the listing.
  2. If you are unable to do so, you may need to log in to your Pollen Pass or Pollen Pro account and try again.

Can I edit or cancel my offer after making it?

No changes can be made to an offer once submitted, and an offer cannot be canceled once a seller has viewed it.

Can I make an offer at whatever amount I want, or is there a minimum?

Buyers are free to customize their offers, though offers that are too low are unlikely to be accepted.

Can I inspect the items before bidding?

Items cannot be inspected prior to bidding.

Can I request samples before making an offer?

Neither Pollen nor the sellers on our marketplace provide samples.

Can I return the items if I’m not satisfied with them or if I change my mind?

Returns or exchanges are not part of Pollen’s marketplace. However, in the unlikely event that items received are different from items ordered, please contact Customer Success at immediately for next steps.

Will my offer be viewed by the seller or is it dependent on Pollen’s approval?

Offers are sent directly to sellers, who will be able to view and accept via Pollen’s Liquidation Management System.

How do I know if I’ve won an auction?

If your offer has been accepted or rejected, you will be notified via email (sent to the email address used when signing up for Pollen Pass or Pollen Pro).

What is the MOQ for lots?

MOQ varies by seller and listing. For more information, please check the listing details.

What are the sizes and conditions for lots?

Lots listed in Pollen’s marketplace come in all sizes and conditions. For more information, please check listing details.

Why are you listing the retail price for items?

These prices are included to provide buyers with transparent information on products, and to highlight the volume of discount on offer.


Do I have to pay to purchase from the Pollen marketplace?

  1. Buyers will have to pay the offer price accepted by sellers, logistics or shipping fees, and any payment processing fees as stipulated.
  2. Pollen Pass accounts are free for life, while Pollen Pro accounts have a monthly fee for subscription to exclusive buyer services.

How do I cancel or terminate my subscription to Pollen Pro?

To cancel your Pollen Pro subscription, please contact Customer Success at

When is payment due once an offer is accepted?

Payment is due within 3 working days of an offer being accepted, after which the agreement will lapse and the listing will return to being active on Pollen’s marketplace.

How long does it take for the transaction to be completed?

Fund transfers are subject to platform restrictions, and can vary from 24 hours to several days (for bank transfers).

Can I combine payments for multiple orders from different sellers into one?

  1. As payments to different sellers may require transacting through different payment platforms, Pollen is unable to combine them.
  2. If you wish to discuss using a different payment channel for multiple orders, please contact Customer Success at in advance.

If I am purchasing for recycling or donation, do I get a discount?

Please contact Customer Success at for details.

I changed my mind and I don’t want the items anymore after winning an auction. Do I still have to pay?

Offers are made with the commitment to purchase and pay in full should they be accepted.

If I paid for the Pollen Pro subscription a year in advance, but cancel midway, do I get a refund?

Should you cancel your Pollen Pro subscription with time remaining on your membership, Pollen’s finance team will issue you with credits.

Does Pollen charge transaction fees?

The payment platforms used by Pollen may charge additional fees per transaction, which are to be borne by buyers.

What exchange rate does Pollen use for payments?

Pollen utilizes exchange rates imposed by payment platforms, which vary depending on transaction and country.

What payment platform does Pollen use, and how safe is it?

  1. Pollen uses Xendit, Stripe, and Wise – all of which are international brands with world-class security and processes.
  2. Where transaction fees are imposed by platforms, these charges will be billed to brands or buyers on a cost-plus basis.

Do I have to open an account on the payment platform Pollen uses?

It is not necessary for buyers to have their own accounts on payment platforms used by Pollen.

If I don’t want to use Pollen’s payment platform, can I choose to send funds via bank transfer or any other means I choose?

While not encouraged, Pollen can facilitate payments made using other channels. Should you wish to do so, please contact Customer Success in advance at

Can I switch currencies when making an offer or purchasing?

Pollen does not currently provide currency switching or foreign exchange estimations. If you would like your invoice to be in a different currency, please contact Customer Success at for more information.

Will tax be added to the total purchase amount? If so, which tax rate will be applied?

Taxes are dependent on items (including quantity and value) and geographies. For more information, please contact Customer Success at

Are there Customs fees to pay, and do I have to pay them in addition to paying for the lots?

Customs fees are dependent on items (including quantity and value) and geographies. For more information, please contact Customer Success at


Do I have to handle logistics of products or will Pollen take care of it?

  1. Buyers may coordinate and arrange logistics on their own for all products.
  2. Should you require assistance from Pollen, please contact Customer Success at in advance. Please be informed that in addition to shipping fees, Pollen reserves the right to charge for any shipping assistance provided.

Who will coordinate with my team about shipping - is it a member of Pollen, the seller, or the logistics company themselves?

Pollen’s Customer Success team will coordinate with the seller, while buyers may be required to make arrangements with logistics providers and Pollen.

Can I pick up the items myself?

Please contact Customer Success at for information and arrangements.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

As all listings are ex-works, buyers are responsible for shipping fees. Buyer are encouraged to take advantage of our Pollen Assisted Logistics partners for exclusive deals on logistics.

How long until my items arrive?

Please contact your logistics provider for delivery estimates.

Will I get regular shipping updates? How can I track my order?

Please contact your logistics provider for more information.

What happens if items are damaged or missing while in transit?

Items in transit are the responsibility of the logistics provider. On the rare chance such a situation occurs, Pollen’s Customer Success team will assist buyers with resolving the issue.

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