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In 2021, co-founders David and Liyana realized companies were discarding slow-moving, obsolete, and excess inventory because of the lack of simple, cost-effective liquidation management solutions.

So they set out to fix that with Pollen.

A multi-faceted sustainable supply chain solution, Pollen helps brands liquidate excess inventory quickly, while helping buyers around the world secure needed inventory at competitive prices for resale or distribution to consumers who want them.

Ultimately, Pollen ensures we don’t waste good.

Meet The Co-Founders

Profile Pic of Pollen Co-Founder & CEO, David Ng

David Ng

Co-founder & CEO

Liyana Sulaiman

Co-founder & CPTO

Our Values

At Pollen, we keep things simple and straightforward. We trust our team to uphold our values and work towards a common goal, wherever they’re based in the world. And we help them do good work every day by reducing complexities, eliminating hierarchies and unnecessary processes, and empowering them to do what’s right with ETC.


More than pretty words and rationalizations, we believe in connecting with others to fully understand their motivations, concerns, thoughts, and feelings. In this way, whenever we speak or take action, we do so with complete alignment of values and visions.


When one succeeds, all succeed. At Pollen, we don’t hide behind titles, paperwork, or invisible lines between teams and departments. As a team, we openly share ideas, feedback, and updates as they happen in order to ensure any decisions made are as informed as possible.


We don’t believe that the world is static, that what has always worked until now will continue to work in the future. We continuously learn, innovate, experiment, explore, and take educated risks in order to act on possibilities for the betterment of the world.