Liquidation Management System

Simple and effective liquidation management system,
so you can focus on your business

Billions of pounds of perfectly good inventory are sent to landfills or
incinerated every year (Source: CNBC)

Pollen is here to change that. For good.

We help you track and facilitate liquidation sales across multiple channels to reduce business waste.

Set up your custom online liquidation store in minutes

Easy to implement cloud-based solution

Reach more buyers around the world anytime through our marketplace

24/7 availability and international reach online

Real time sustainability tracking and reporting for transparency

 Get updates as it happens and see your sustainability impact


Pollen’s liquidation solution comes with everything you need to sell excess inventory quickly and effectively.
Spend less time and money on liquidation, and maximize value of all inventory while reducing business waste in landfills.



Build custom lots to share with your buyers in seconds

Upload available product lots with a single click.

Our intelligent automation system will take care of the rest.



Manage liquidation across all channels from sales, donations, recycling, and disposal

Receive, review, and accept offers all in one place.

Our offer management tools fast track decisions and optimize order value and volume to meet customer preferences and freight constraints quickly and with total confidence.


3 Fulfill orders quickly

Automatically generate award forms in seconds, and know with certainty what inventory has been allocated and which are still available for sale.


4Analytics and reporting

Curated dashboards provide real-time visibility into liquidation performance metrics, and opportunities to enhance relationships and results.

Pollen’s sustainable liquidation solutions help you and the world

Our cloud-based liquidation management software is easy to implement and use, reducing time spent by your teams on excess inventory management and reducing the cost of warehousing

Built to be simple and intuitive, we help companies focus on their core business while we take care of the slow-moving, excess, and obsolete inventory quickly and affordably.

With Pollen, you’ll always have up-to-date inventory information on hand for faster sales and improved relationships.

No more throwing perfectly usable unopened items into landfills or incinerating them.

With Pollen’s liquidation management software, excess inventory in all conditions is sold to ready buyers around the world, while our network of partners helps you speed up the process.

Your products will be listed in Pollen’s marketplace for more than 10,000 buyers, while you will receive your very own storefront as well as a custom branded inventory liquidation page that you can host on your own website.

Pollen’s intelligent workflows and automation speed up the process for your teams.

We help you limit buyers to specific geographies, fast track decisions, optimize orders, generate award forms, and fulfill orders in minutes.

Our software helps you track and measure your excess inventory liquidation activities, so you and your management team can see the benefits to your business and the environment in real-time.

No more guesswork, sending hundreds of emails, or consolidating multiple Excel sheets – just one dashboard that’s been built to help companies of all sizes and industries sustainably liquidate excess inventory without any fuss