Online inventory liquidation marketplace

Sell excess inventory to buyers around the world anytime with our online store

Sustainable liquidation is sustainable business for the world

Make the most of your inventory by getting your products into the right hands, while reducing waste in landfills

More than 10,000 small, medium and large buyers of all inventory conditions and expiry dates

Control buyer access so you sell only to preferred geographies and buyer categories / backgrounds

Real-time activity reporting and Pollen’s liquidation solutions speed up the sales process for buyers and sellers

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive online liquidation listings for all types of excess inventory

Speed up excess inventory liquidation with our solution, and reduce waste in

marketplace product listing, highlight the search functions

Restrict by geography easily, so buyers see only what’s available for them.Search function allows buyers to quickly find products they’re interested in.

Always have up-to-date inventory information thanks to Pollen’s liquidation

management software [link to LIQUIDATE].

Pollen market brand stores

Enhance brand awareness with your own storefront on Pollen’s liquidation marketplace dedicated to your excess inventory, which boosts exposure to and focuses attention on your products.

Secure more visibility for your offers to visitors from Pollen’s marketplace.

how Connect works when buyers purchase from sellers through Pollen market

When buyers purchase your inventory through the Pollen marketplace, you can leverage the Pollen Connect [link to CONNECT] network to facilitate sales and logistics.

Whether it’s cross-border or localized payments, logistics, design, or app development -find the right partner to help you liquidate faster with Pollen Connect.

Don’t throw away your excess inventory. Sell it with Pollen instead.

Good business is good for business.

We know that different businesses have different requirements. Sometimes you have to sell excess inventory only in country, sometimes you have to sell them overseas. To prevent unnecessary heartache, Pollen allows sellers like you to set geographical purchase limits, while also allowing buyers to search by country / region (check out the marketplace here).

Our liquidation marketplace allows buyers to search by product, or by brand. Each seller on Pollen’s marketplace receives a unique online store front which hosts only your excess inventory for complete focus on your products. These individually crafted store
fronts apply to different branches of the same brand – each company’s stores per country / region will be separated and labelled accordingly for maximum exposure and attention to our marketplace visitors.

Pollen is proud to partner with local, regional, and global companies seeking to facilitate and expedite the sustainable liquidation process for sellers and buyers alike.
From cross border payments services to shipping and logistics, leverage Pollen Connect during the sales process to skyrocket your inventory liquidation on our marketplace – hundreds of partners around the world are ready to assist with all your sustainable liquidation needs.